Submission Rules

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for LASA/Africa 2023: África y América Latina: Diálogos y Conexiones, taking place from November 15–18, 2023. When submitting proposals, please follow the three participation rules described below. 

Rule 1: Participation Limitation

One Paper

Participants are limited to one paper per Congress, no exceptions. If a participant has submitted an individual proposal, she/he may not be added to a panel proposal. Additionally, if a participant is a co-author, that paper counts as the only paper.

Four Roles

Participants can only have four active participations per Congress. Being an organizer or a contact person does not count towards these participations. The four active participations may take the form of:

  • Paper presenter (in a panel)
  • Presenter without paper (in a workshop)
  • Presenter without paper (in a roundtable)
  • Discussant (in a panel, workshop, or roundtable)
  • Chair (in a panel, workshop, or roundtable)
  • Book presenter

Rule 2: Registration

Once the proposals have been approved, all accepted participants must register before October 9, 2023, to participate in the Congress.

If the participant does not register by this deadline, they may be removed from the program. Additionally, sessions may be cancelled or changed due to insufficient paper presenters.

Rule 3: Paper Delivery

As a paper presenter, you must send your paper to the members of your panel, especially discussants, with enough time so that they can read it and make notes before the presentation, and to LASA/Africa 2023 for the Congress proceedings and memories. Proposals can be submitted and presented in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese.

Your paper should not be considered published because it is posted on the LASA/Africa 2023 website.

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