LASA opens a venue for both intensive and extensive intellectual dialogue in the following three tracks:

Africa and LAC Relations

This track includes academic works that explore cultural, political, social, and intellectual exchanges between Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and especially, the reciprocal influences and mutual extensions that the ideas and intellectual movements developed in some of these regions have had on the thought and culture of the others. 

Africa and LAC Comparative Studies 

 This item encourages and fosters studies that seek to compare and contrast the social, economic, cultural, and political phenomena of these regions in order to better understand their historical processes and their current challenges.

Africa and LAC Intellectual Encounters

This topic accepts academic papers on Latin America and the Caribbean from scholars from various regions of the world, especially from Africa, in any field of investigation. Studies on Africa by scholars based in the Americas are welcome. This promotes intellectual encounters between Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Africa and LAC – Others 

This track is available for those papers that do not fit within the framework of the thematic areas described above and are relevant to the theme of the congress. 

LASA/Africa 2023 and LASA2023 complement each other

If you submitted an individual proposal or a session for LASA2023 whose topic is related to any of the tracks of LASA/Africa 2023, we invite you to submit it to this Congress as well, for its evaluation.

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